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Ento Group is a healthcare organization that has accomplished thousands of hair transplant operations with its experienced expert team with the guarantee of a high quality private hospital.

Our Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Expert doctors and experienced healthcare personnel who seek reliable professional service targeting 100% satisfaction are in reach of their patients 24 hours a day. Ento Group, besides hair transplantation, carries out beard and eyebrow planting, as well.

Your Health is in sure hands

  • All operations are carried out in a fully equipped hospital operation rooms.
  • Operational process begins only after all the tests of the patient are examined by the expert doctors and the healthcare personnel. If the patient has a health problem, the doctors doesn’t start the operation until the discomfort is eradicated.
  • The process is efficiently and carefully planned by taking into consideration of the expectations of the patients consultations and hair analysis made before the operation.
  • The patient is informed about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done before and after the operation.
  • After the operation, patient control and communication will be provided periodically.


You have decided on hair transplant operation. However there are too many alternatives and you have a hard time choosing the right one for you. What to do to for the right decision?

  1. There is no compensation for a hair transplant operation which has a bad result. This does not bring anything to the person but lifelong regret and unnatural look.
  2. Almost every institution in Turkey mentions about 10-15 years of experience. Please accurately search and find out the right institution and the team.
  3. It is very important that the team should be carrying out the operation under the supervision of an aesthetic plastic surgeon in the operation room not an ordinary room in the clinic. Make sure that the environment in the operation room is sterile.
  4. A hair transplant operation is not possible with a single treatment of 7000-8000 grafts. It takes about 6-8 hours for treatment of 3500-4000 grafts. The more grafts, the more operating time and this will increase, the risk of graft damage.
  5. Make sure that you chosen a high quality healthcare organization that has been supervised and licensed by the Ministry of Health and that has the authority to perform aesthetic operations. Beauty centers do not have the authority to make hairtransplants.
  6. Make sure to see as many photos as possible. And these photos must be real patient photos, not photomontaged or studio edited.
  7. Do not trust those who present you with a computer program how you will look after the operation. This is not realistic.
  8. Be very careful about the institutions that are priced far below the market price. Keep in mind that price reductions can usually made at the sacrifice of quality.

Hair Transplantation

FUE Method
FUE Method

The hair loss age has been drawn back to the puberty. The globally accepted minimum age limit for hair transplantation operations is 20. For those who suffer hair loss at a younger age, after a general scan; care therapies are recommended. Yet hair transplantation is the only treatment for hair loss seen at men and for hair loss that is permanent.

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Hair Analysis and Consultation
Hair Analysis and Consultation

Having the patient to perform pre-operative hair analysis and sharing the results with the doctor by explaning the expectations are vital and effects the outcome of the operation. During consultation, the patient should give accurate information to the doctor about the health problems in the past and the health problems that are still going on.

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Before/After the Operation
Before/After the Operation

With the help of the FUE method, your blood analysis and the required health checks will done at our hospital one day before the operation as free of charge. It is absolutely necessary not to consume any alcohol before the blood test and before entering the hair transplant operation. Blood thinners (aspirin, etc.) should not be taken 7 days before the operation.

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Who Can Hair Tranplant
Who Can Hair Tranplant

Hair transplant operation can be done to patients whose hair is loss, thin hair, burned hair, scar in head, or a part of the head who doesn’t have birth hair. It can be done to help people recover hair from these areas. First of all, hair transplants are performed by hair analysis. During this process, the problematic area is determined and the area to be planted is drawn.

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Care After Procedure
Care After Procedure

Hair transplantation does not affect your daily activities. For 15 days, refrain from heavy labor, over-excitement, constipation, and sexual activities. If you smoke, we suggest you refrain from doing so for 15 days. Heed the suggestions of our specialist regarding your sleeping position.

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Can Women Make Hair Transplant?
Can Women Make Hair Transplant?

Women may make hair plantations, but unlike men, women do not have the ability to spill hair in the nape region. For this reason, it can not be guaranteed that the hair will not fall out. A female patient first should see a dermatologist who elaborates the hair transplantation, by checking their blood after they have been examined by a doctor.

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Beard, Moustache, Eyebrow Transplantation

Beard Transplantation
Beard Transplantation

It is possible to transplant beard to those areas with scars. These scars might be congenital or have occurred as a result of burnt or trauma. The beard is different than hair and it can differ in terms of density from one patient to other.

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Moustache Transplantation
Moustache Transplantation

One other factor that justifies the look of men is the mustache. Mustache is an aesthetic factor that changes the expression identity of the face. Mustache transplant can be applied to those patients whose mustache have not grown for a reason.

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Eyebrow Transplant
Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplants is one of the most aesthetically challenging procedures to perform, but when done by experts, can provide an impressive result. Eyebrow transplant surgery involves taking hair from another part of the body and transplanting it to the brow area.

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PRP is a treatment method for protecting and strengthening the hair roots of individuals who are at the early stages of hair loss or have been observing accelerated hair loss recently. In PRP method the blood sample of the patient is centrifuged.

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It is a method applied by 2 – 4mm injection to the middle layer of the scalp. In hair mesotherapy, the vital minerals, vitamins and proteins are injected. Those substances nourish the hair root and makes the hair much healthier and stronger. Mesotherapy treatment that is applied as a set of 6 – 10 sessions.

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The International Patient Services Center at Ento Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients and visitors. Our staff is dedicated professionals organizes the "Healthcare Journey" of international patients according to their needs and expectations.

We can help you with the following services before, during and after your stay:

  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Assisting with international insurance companies
  • Making hotel arrangements
  • Arranging ground transportation from the airport
  • Estimating the cost of services
  • Assisting with hospital admissions and physicians
  • Obtaining and delivering the copies of medical reports after consultations


Costs for hair transplant with FUE method differs from person to person. Width of the hairless area, hair structure, the number of hair roots to be planted are among the factors that affect the cost of the operation. To receive a precise pricing, please fill in the below form with at least 3 of your pictures and send to us. Our experts will evaluate and get back to you as soon as possible.

Ento Hair Transplant Center

Why Choosing Us?

Ento Hair Transplant Center is a Hair Clinic which has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has a full-fledged hospital license using FUE technique, hair transplantation, beard transplanting and latest technologies in eyebrow cultivation. It is a clinic specialized in hair transplantation and equipped with the latest technology and information and technology. The ENTO HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER team consists of specialized doctors and a team of specialists who perform on an average of 50 patients per month. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and operations are carried out only by our specialists with their expert teams. Our patients are never delivered to amateur hands.

  • Modern Clinic, Latest Technology
  • More than 10 years of Experience
  • Qualified Doctors
  • More than 5000 Satisfied Patients
  • The most reasonable price
Ento Hair Transplant Center


You can find all the curiosities about hair transplantation here.

Why should I get online consultation before hair transplant?

We highly recommend you to get online consultation if you will be coming from another city or country. This complimentary consultation will provide you very important information and will enable you to express your expectations thoroughly.  After our experts evaluate whether you are eligible for hair transplant or not, you will be informed about the expected results of the operation.

Is FUE the best method for the reconstruction of hair?

Today, FUE is the best method which is globally accepted and implemented for the reconstruction of hair with hair transplants. Natural results are acquired after an operation that will be performed by a team of experts.

Can women have hair transplants?

It is possible to perform hair transplants to women. The reasons of hair loss are usually different for women than for men. Consultation between different branches and pathological examinations are needed in order to decide the operation. The biggest disadvantage of hair transplant for women is that the hair needs to be shaved.

Who can have hair transplants?

Hair transplant can be performed by plastic surgeons only in clinics with operation room conditions.

The success ratio is much higher in operations that are performed by experts under the conditions determined by the Ministry of Health and in aesthetic surgery principle.

What is the cost of hair transplantation?

The cost of hair implantation differs according to the needed number of hair roots. The wider the hairless area is, the higher the costs will be.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplants?

Hair transplantation is a suitable method for most of the patients who suffer hair loss. The operation is performed successfully with patients that have a health donor area.

Is it possible to have the hair transplant operation without having to shave the hair?

If the transplanted area is a small one, there is no need to shave all of the hair. If the transplant area is precise, only the donor area is shaved in order to take out the sufficient number of grafts. However, if the transplant area is wide, then shaving is necessary. Operations that are made without cutting the hair in donor area / transplant area do not give efficient results.

Do I feel pain or ache after the operation?

During the local anesthesia, a very slight pain might be felt. It is ensured that you feel relaxed during the operation. You might also watch TV or listen to music during the operation

From which area are the hair roots to be translated taken?

The most usual so called donor area is the back of the neck. These hairs are genetically characterized not to shred therefore they permanently stay in the transplanted area after a successful operation. The success of the operation also depends on the quality and number of hair in the donor area.

How long does the operation last?

The operation differs according to the needs of the patient. While the transplants up to 800 grafts last up to 4 hours, an operation with 2500 grafts usually takes up to 8 hours.

How long does the recovery process require?

Point shaped incrustation is observed after the surgery. These crusts are shredded in a week and after 10 days the skin goes back to its normal condition.

When does the transplanted hair grow?

Within 2 months after the operation, the transplanted hair shreds and after that it starts to regrow. It takes up to a year for all roots to regrow.

Our Team

When performed by a professional team, the hair transplant operations give very successful results. As the life-time enduring hair improves the looks, it also positively effects the psychological condition of the patient. Hair transplantations requires skills, aesthetics and technology.

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