The Right Choice For Hair Transplant

Ento Group is a healthcare organization that has accomplished thousands of hair transplant operations with its experienced expert team with the guarantee of a high quality private hospital.

Our Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Expert doctors and experienced healthcare personnel who seek reliable professional service targeting 100% satisfaction are in reach of their patients 24 hours a day. Ento Group, besides hair transplantation, carries out beard and eyebrow planting, as well.

Your Health Is In Sure Hands

  • All operations are carried out in a fully equipped hospital operation rooms.
  • Operational process begins only after all the tests of the patient are examined by the expert doctors and the healthcare personnel. If the patient has a health problem, the doctors doesn’t start the operation until the discomfort is eradicated.
  • The process is efficiently and carefully planned by taking into consideration of the expectations of the patients consultations and hair analysis made before the operation.
  • The patient is informed about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done before and after the operation.
  • After the operation, patient control and communication will be provided periodically.